Data Privacy Policy of iOpenhub, Inc.

iOpenhub, Inc. may collect email address, name, and address of users of our websites and mobile apps that include, Clan Race mobile app and new sites and apps that we publish from time to time.
Such data will only be used for ensuring that genuine users of the sites and apps are allowed to access protected sections of the respective websites and apps. The main purpose is to protect the integrity of the website or app in question, as well as the protection of other users of the website or app.
iOpenhub Inc. does not directly collect financial data of users. When payment is required from users, it will be collected through a third party such as banks or intermediates like PayPal. Users should never give financial information directly to iOpenhub Inc.
Data collected does not have an expiration date, and may be stored as long as the website or mobile app in question exists.